Rita Ora Brought A Ton Of Wardrobe Changes To Made In America

If we’re being honest here, I only wore, like, two outfits over Labor Day weekend. I also slept in one of those outfits. Rita Ora, on the other hand, wore upwards of four outfits at Made in America over the weekend.

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To perform with Iggy Azalea, Rita wore printed KTZ x Been Trill shorts and a black sports bra. If you’re wondering what’s going on with the fabric emerging from her back, join the club.

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Unfortunately, a shot from the back doesn’t clarify things—in fact, it may complicate them? It looks like Rita is wearing a jacket made from the same green skull material, but it’s hanging from her back from thick black straps. That’s an alternative to tying your jacket around your waist, for sure—maybe it’ll be the hottest trend at New York Fashion Week?

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Later that day, Rita changed into another KTZ x Been Trill look. She wore the red linen baseball jersey and shorts together with a red-and-white pair of Adidas adilettes. All in favor of electing Rita queen of sticking to a limited color palette? It’s settled.

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For her solo performance, Rita wore head-to-toe Adidas from her recently released collaboration.

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When her varsity jacket got too hot, Rita stripped it off to reveal the same black bra she had worn the day before. See? Stars really are just like us—they wear the same bra for days on end. One thing she didn’t take off? That gold Moschino chain necklace.


Actually, she kept it on all day, adding more Moschino to the mix offstage. She increased her gold chain collection by a lot and upped the ante even more with a sweatshirt from the Moschino Spring 2015 men’s collection.

All of these looks in two days—anyone wanna place bets on how much Rita’s suitcase weighed?

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