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Ariana Grande Has Proof Leaked Nude Photos Aren't Of Her

Ariana is 'praying' for everyone who thought those photos of her were real.

While a hacker's leak of celebrity nude photos is now in the hands of the FBI, stars are still speaking out on their authenticity and violation of privacy.

Ariana Grande, whose rep claimed that the leaked photos are fake, took to Twitter to address the issue herself, even poking a little fun about the lack of a resemblance.

She followed that up by saying that she is "praying" for the people who actually thought those photos were her.

On Sunday, we saw the biggest celebrity hacking scandal in history when a user of the website 4chan posted more than 100 photos of female stars, including Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Lawrence, after accessing their phones through an iCloud security leak. In addition to 4chan, the photos also appeared on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr.

Apple confirmed on Monday to CNN that the company is now looking into the iCloud backup services, saying in a statement, " We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report."

Update: Apple Releases Statement On Celebrity Phone Hacking

Many celebs have spoken out about the leaks, with Victoria Justice denying the pictures, while Lawrence's and Upton's reps confirmed that the photos are real. Both representatives emphasized that anyone that posts the pictures will be pursued and prosecuted.

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