Jessie Ware's Disco Jam 'Want Your Feeling' Has Perfect Timing: Listen

Jessie's new track is timed for the end of summer.

Jessie Ware just rode in a gust of warm, summer air with her new track "Want Your Feeling," produced by Blood Orange's Dev Hynes.

The song, off the upcoming sophomore album Tough Love, out October 21, takes me to a coastal town on the Mediterranean, providing a '70s soundtrack as I dance through the streets and seaports. Salty air, summer breezes, a groovy beat, romance -- it's all there.

OK, maybe I'm just describing "Mama Mia," but it's justifiable, because "Want Your Feeling" is the disco ditty I've been waiting for all summer. And now that summer is ending, well, I guess Ware has made everything complete.