The Best American Flag Swag At The Made In America Festival

Stars and stripes forever.

The third year of the Budweiser Made In America Festival was filled with 95 degree sunshine, a set-delaying lightening storm and some epic amounts of rain. (Not to mention new J. Cole music and a wild Kanye West performance.)

But the schizophrenic weather didn't stop kids from stepping up their style game. As flower crowns are to Coachella, Stars and Stripes are to MIA Fest. Concert goers rocked their best American flag-inspired outfits at the Philadelphia edition of the festival in a variety of unique ways.

Below, some of the best.

Sweater vest game strong.

The bathing-suit-as-top look.

Ready to rage in tie dye and a feather boa.


With the Ninja Turtle cup, too.

Casual with khaki.

This guy is doing it right.

Starred and striped shorts at YG.

Undercover flag fashion.

Flower crowns aren't just for Coachella.

Love this bucket hat look.

This one, too.

Lovin' the crew.

*Emoji clapping hands*

Butt identification by way of red, white and blue ribbon.

"America! F--K Yeah!"

Also, this:

Great work, Made In America. You look good.