Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kid Cudi Collapses At Chicago Concert, Blames Not Eating Properly

A fan-shot video captures the chilling moment.

Yesterday, (August 30) Kid Cudi fainted while performing at the North Coast music festival in Chicago. Cudi had been performing "Pursuit Of Happiness" and walking through the photo pit to talk to fans. But after stopping to sign one autograph, he collapsed. Luckily, security was right there to help him up and directly provide medical assistance.

A fan happened to be shooting a video at the moment and caught the incident on camera. (Note: The sound is very distorted and loud on this video, turning down your volume first is recommended.)

After he was taken to get medical assistance, Cudi took to Twitter to address the situation. First off, Cudi tweeted to let his fans know he was fine:

Then, he thanked everyone for coming out and caring about him. "To everyone who f---ing came out tonight, wow. All the love, Just way too overwhelming," he wrote. "Blessed to have fans who actually give a f--k about me," he wrote in his next tweet.

Then, he explained the situation.

He closed out the series of tweets by affirming his love for the Chi and tweeting: "I love you Chicago. Don't you forget that sh-t. Ever."

And he apologized if any of his fans were upset about the scare.

You don't have to apologize to us Cudi, we're just glad you're okay! Stay healthy Cudder.