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35 Festival-Goers At Made In America Give Us Their Favorite 'Made In America' Items

Spoiler: "Beer" and "Kanye West" were the most common answers.

The Budweiser Made In America festival, which took over Philadelphia and L.A. this weekend, brings together about a gazillion people, each with their own unique taste in music. The phrase "Made In America" can mean a lot of different things, though, so we went around the Philly festival and asked concertgoers: What's your favorite thing that's made in America?

Here are their wonderfully diverse, occasionally ridiculous answers.

Plenty Of Food Options

1. "24-hour diners" - Joanna, NY

2. "Chinese food" - Ira, TX

3. "Whataburger" - Reece, TX

4. "Ice cream" - Tiffany, TX

5. "Burgers. Hot American guys." - Lexi, PA

6. "Soft pretzels" - Ally, PA

7. "Lollipops" - Kumar, CT

8. "Cereal" - Alexa, PA

9. "Hot dogs" - Isabela, PA

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10. "Camouflage" - Reece, TX

11. "American Apparel" - May, HI

12. "Your Longchamp bag" - Celine, PA

The Entertainment Industry

13. "Ninja Turtles" - Mike, PA

14. "Chromeo. He f--king rocked my face off. My face was rocked." - Colby, PA

15. "Beyonce" - Colleen, PA

Life-Changing Writing Utensils

16. "Crayola" - Diana, GA

17. "Ticonderoga pencils" - Gabby, PA

Beer 'N' Kanye

18. "Beer" - Zach and Tyler, PA

19. "Kanye West" - Isabella, NY and Elena, Bridget, and Johanna, NJ

20. "Beer. Music festivals." - Matt, PA

21. "Kanye" - Max, PA

22. "Beer" - Jerry, NJ

23. "Kanye" - Vamsi, NJ

24. "The American flag…that's probably made in China. Shiner Beer." - Corbin, TX

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The Really Important Things In Life

"Facebook. Social networking." - Dallas, MD

"Baseball. Democracy." - Jeff, NJ

"NASA" - Daniel, NY

"Ford cars" - Ashlyn, PA

"Boys" - Kaissa, PA

"The NBA" - Isaac, NY

*pulls a dollar bill out of his pocket* "Money" - Derek, PA

"Me" - Sabreen, PA

And Of Course...

"Labor day weekend" - Gena, NY

"A collaboration of different cultures" - Aalap, NJ

"Freedom" - Krishan, IN

Cheers to that -- now what's YOUR favorite thing that's made in America? Let us know in the comments!