Courtney Love Has A Draft Of Her New Memoir, But It's 'A Nightmare'

Don't expect to read the Hole frontwoman's new book until at least next year.

By Sasha Geffen

Courtney Love is hard at work on her forthcoming memoir, but don't expect to see it in bookstores anytime soon. The Hole frontwoman revealed in an interview with Paper Magazine that the current draft of her book The Girl with the Most Cake is presently "a disaster."

"I never wanted to write a book in my entire life," Love told Paper for a new feature in the magazine's 30th anniversary issue.

But despite her reluctance to become an author, she's already sitting on a manuscript of the autobiography, which she's been penning with a co-writer. The book will cover Love's life and career with the seminal grunge band Hole up until the year 2006; everything that's happened since, she says, is nobody's business but hers.

The widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Love is currently working on getting the original lineup of Hole back together for a 2015 reunion. This past April she celebrated the 20th anniversary of her band's critically acclaimed album Live Through This, which was released in 1994 just four days before her husband's suicide.