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Game Decided On A Release Date For The Documentary 2

The countdown is on.

He's actually gonna make this happen.

Earlier this month, when MTV News caught up with Game on the set of his "Or Nah" video, he told us there was a chance that The Documentary 2 wouldn't actually drop in January 2015, like he originally planned -- but it looks like things will work out after all.

Since Game is prepping Year of the Wolf, plus that project with Ed Sheeran, he seemed doubtful that his sequel would arrive on time, but a 10-year anniversary only comes around once. He took to Instagram on Thursday night to announce that January 18 is the release date.

"#YearOfTheWolf is finally done," he wrote of his new Blood Money album, due out in October. "Now on to 'The Documentary 2' dropping January 18th.... Exactly 10 years from 'The Documentary'..... Nobody is f-----g with 2 !!!!!!!!! So don't drop nowhere near me..... You've been warned!"

Sounds like a great anniversary gift.

(On 'Or Nah' set with Game)