Bleachers' Next Video Will Get Bloody

Maybe if she would pick up the phone.

Blood, New Jersey and the possibility of Lena Dunham behind the lens? Bleachers' Jack Antonoff has us way intrigued with his plan for the band's second music video, which he says will be shot "really soon."

Antonoff sat down with MTV's Christina Garibaldi right before the VMAs at the Taco Bell & MTV Artist To Watch concert in L.A., where he teased us with some details about his upcoming video. On whether or not his girlfriend Dunham will return to direct the next effort -- she directed the therapy-themed "I Wanna Get Better" -- Antonoff joked, "I can't get a hold of her."

Dig for clues in Jack's new interview, and check out Jack Antonoff's Jersey road trip mix tape:

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