Could Miranda July's New App Earn You A Hug From Lorde?

Somebody lets you send messages to friends -- through strangers.

Do you want Lena Dunham to ask your girlfriend to marry you? How about a hug from your boyfriend via Lorde? Well, that might all be possible (although probably not) thanks to a new app from Miranda July that both stars have supported.

Thursday, Dunham tweeted about Somebody, an app released this week by the director. "Today was a joy: watched genius @Miranda_July's film about her app about human contact. Go to http://somebodyapp.com and join the revolution," she said, a sentiment Lorde reiterated with a retweet.

So what is this thing and why are Lorde and Co. so excited? Well, it's a new kind of messaging app. Basically, after users sign up for an account -- creating a detailed profile with a photo -- they can send a message to a friend and have that message delivered via a nearby stranger. In person.

What would that look like? Let me break it down. (Or you could just watch the short film below.)

If I want to ask my (hypothetical) boyfriend Johnny to go see "If I Stay" with me tonight in Williamsburg and cry and cry and cry, I can compose that message to Johnny and choose someone in the vicinity of the motorcycle/hair gel shop where he works to deliver it. In my message, I can also include directives for the person who chooses to convey my invitation, such as "cry," "fist bump" or "kiss." Although I probably wouldn't want anyone smooching my non-existant boyfriend -- so scratch that last one.

Sadly, I wasn't able to get the app to launch (so I'll have to call my imaginary boyfriend the old-fashioned way -- on the banana phone), but I wonder if when I do, Lorde and Lena will be available to do my bidding. Or, perhaps, there's a separate Somebody app for "somebodies." Either way, I'll be on the lookout...