The Kid Who Live-Tweeted Michael Brown’s Shooting Wrote A Rap About It

'They throwin' tear gas, I'm hearin' gunshots, I duck 'em all,' he raps.

Of all of the firsthand accounts to come out of Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown, one of the most jarring came from the Twitter account a user named @TheePharoah. He witnessed and subsequently live-tweeted the shooting and its aftermath from his own home, providing on-the-scene coverage of the story in real-time.

Though he had no way of knowing it in the moment, posts from the user, whose real name is Emanuel Freeman, spread rapidly on social media and via news outlets in the subsequent days.

Vice tracked down and spoke with the 19-year-old — who’s also a budding rapper — who not only recounted his experience, but wrote a song about it.

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