'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: See Jenelle And Barbara's Explosive Argument Over Jace

The mother-daughter duo have conflicting opinions about the four-year-old's behavior.

Jenelle encouraged her boyfriend Nathan and mother Barbara to stop arguing when they clashed on last week's episode of "Teen Mom 2." But in the sneak peek below, it's mother and daughter who are at odds -- thanks to an explosive fight over Jenelle's son Jace.

Trouble begins to brew when Jenelle stops by her mother's house and Barbara complains that Jace just pushed Jenelle's nephew Gabriel into the couch. In response, the teen mom defends her son.

"When he's at my house and he gets his own space, he has his own space," Jenelle says. She then adds that her mother favors Gabriel because she "can't handle" four-year-old Jace any longer.

But Barbara doesn't think it has anything to do with her grandson's surroundings or her feelings about Gabriel -- instead, she thinks Jace may have bipolar disorder.

"He's not bipolar," Jenelle snaps in anger. "Call up my f**king doctor and ask her what I have. I have panic disorder, not bipolar."

But Barbara doesn't waver. She insists that she knows Jace well because she's alone with him more than his own mother; in turn, Jenelle blames some of her son's behavior on the fact that Barbara "screams and yells" at him.

"I'm not doing this," Barbara says as she gets up from the couch. "You don't live here. You've never raised him -- don't tell me what to do!"

The fight doesn't end there -- watch the entire confrontation below, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesday at 10/9c.