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Red-Haired Guy Saves A Fortune With 'Ginger Discount' Card

This guy proves a sense of humor and a healthy dose of confidence could end up saving you major cash.

Poor gingers. At some point in time, they wrongfully became punchlines for being weak, derpy, even soulless people. But fear not, redheads of the world -- one confident Scottish man is singlehandedly giving gingers their groove back by working his charm in the thriftiest way possible.

It all started when comic book illustrator Richard Macrae received a homemade “ginger discount card” from a friend for his 30th birthday. The laminated orange card, which ID’s him as “Richard Fuzz Macrae” and was issued by “The International Council of Gingers,” was supposed to be a joke. But then Macrae thought “what the hell?” and decided to try it out.

To his surprise, it actually worked -- he started getting discounts at shops, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and taxis. So far, he estimates he’s saved more than $300 from it. “People have always given me stick for my hair color but now I’m going out three nights a week and saving a fortune,” Macrae said. "The joke’s on them. ... Usually everyone gets the humor behind it.”

Of course, there are still plenty of ginger persecutors in the world who think it’s definitely not funny. “It’s been turned down plenty,” Macrae admitted. “I've been asked to leave a bar once because the bartender assumed that I was too drunk if I was attempting to use it.”

Since Macrae obviously proves gingers are smoother and savvier than they're given credit for, we're thinking he should be tasked with brainstorming other possible gag gifts that could turn into money-saving machines. Maybe a “curly mustache discount" card? A “beer gut discount" card? A “too-hungover discount" card? We'll work on this.