Harper's Bazaar

Lady Gaga Set To Perform At NYFW

Attention, Little Monsters! Lady Gaga’s making a pit stop in the middle of her artRAVE world tour for a very special New York Fashion Week performance. Taking place on Friday, September 5, at New York's Plaza Hotel, Gaga's set will be the centerpiece of an event hosted by Harper's Bazaar. (But monsters, don't start lining up for a spot inside just yet because this fête appears to be invite-only. Womp womp.) Gaga is, of course, the cover girl for Bazaar’s September issue—and featured in a seriously madcap interview with (Uncle) Karl Lagerfeld—making her the obvious choice for the major September soiree.

Not to sound any alarms, but this proooobably won't be anything like the last time Gaga played New York Fashion Week—you might remember a little shell bikini-clad gig for V magazine? Bazaar is billing this as a "jazz performance," which means I'm willing to bet money that there won't be an R. Kelly "Do What U Want" cameo (even if Terry Richardson does end up being in attendance).

By the power vested in me by context clues, the Bazaar gig will likely highlight tracks off Gagaloo and Tony Bennett’s collaborative album Cheek to Cheek, set to drop late September. The question is: Will Tony himself be present? Follow up: Will they be wearing H&M? We'll see in a week's time!