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Hardcore Seahawks Fan Gets Team Logo Stamped On His Prosthetic Eyeball

Look this guy in the eye and tell him you're a Broncos fan—we dare you.

There are the casual sports fans -- who wear their pride on jerseys, hats and hoodies -- and then there are the hardcore fans, who take their dedication to more extreme measures. Seattle Seahawks superfan Bill VandenBush is definitely in the latter. After taking one look at him, you’ll know where his allegiances lie -- it’s stamped right there on his prosthetic eyeball.

VandenBush is a Vietnam veteran who lost his eye in 1969. He was caught in gunfire while trying to rescue the crew of a crashed helicopter. He was blown up and shot five times, losing his right eye and his vocal cords in the process. Ever since then, VandenBush has had to be fitted for a new prosthetic eye every six years. This year, still on a high from Seattle’s big win in last year’s Superbowl, he got the idea of a Seahawks-stamped eyeball:

“I mentioned it to my wife,” he told reporters. “She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

Proving herself the world’s coolest wife, she surprised him with the special Seahawks eye for their 10th wedding anniversary this year. VandenBush says he’ll keep using a regular-looking eye on most days, but he’ll pull out the Seahawks one for special occasions: “Every game I’ll have it in, or any gathering with Seahawks fans present.”

And he’ll undoubtedly be the coolest and most hardcore fan in the room.