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Harry Styles Makes A Major Statement With A Michael Sam Jersey

In the Venn diagram of hardcore football fans and hardcore One Direction fans, the overlap, I imagine, is pretty small. That divergence, though, didn't stop Harry Styles from showing his support for Michael Sam at a concert in St. Louis—the city where Sam plays. Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, and his jersey is the number-one selling jersey among 2014 rookies. Now that Harry has worn it, I'm gonna guess the 96 Rams jersey will be getting another a sales boost—Directioners go hard.


This isn't the first time Harry has used his platform and shown support for the LGBT community and equal rights—though it is the first time he's taken a stance with his onstage outfit.

Sam also thanked Harry showing his support—I mean, seriously, Harry, way to make a statement while still hitting your cues in "Midnight Memories." You're the best.