These 7 Friends Reunions Need To Happen

Riggs and Murtaugh = Ross and Rachel

There was a "Friends" reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and it was wonderful. Really, it's always wonderful when long-lost friends get back together for the first time in years. And while it was great to see Central Perk's most consistent patrons on-screen together after years apart, it's only making us hungry for some other on-screen friend reunions.

For instance …

1. The Original Cast of "Beverly Hills 90210"

The "90210" reboot didn't cut it. We want Brandon, Dylan, David, everyone, back together. And we want it in the form of "Sharknado 3: 90210," in which we learn that the first two "Sharknado" movies were actually just movies starring Steve Sanders, before a real Sharknado crisis hits the Beverly Hills gang.

2. The Stark Family on "Game of Thrones"

Sure, they're not all alive anymore, but the kids still kicking in Westeros are overdue for a reunion. The North remembers, and so do the fans.

3. The Ghostbusters

Which, sadly, won't happen in live-action, what with Harold Ramis' passing earlier this year, and Bill Murray's apparent disinterest in another "Ghostbusters" installment. But isn't this why we have holograms?

4. The "Salute Your Shorts" Cast

Really, if we can reboot "Full House" and "Boy Meets World," we can reboot "Salute Your Shorts." With the former campers now as parents, and their kids as campers, and Budnick as the new Ug.

5. The "Hey Dude" Cast

Same with "Salute Your Shorts." In fairness, Huffington Post did a pretty solid job reuniting Ben Ernst's ranchers earlier this year, but that's only fueling our desire for a full-scale spinoff series.

6. Riggs and Murtaugh

If they were too old for this sh— in 1998, then they're way too old in 2014. But even if it's just the "Lethal Weapon" duo reunited on a late night talk show eating prunes and playing shuffle board, we'll take it.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Original "Predator" Squad

Yeah, they basically all died in the first movie, but if the "Predator" movies exist in the same universe as "Alien," then can't they all get "Alien Resurrection"-ed back to life for another romp through the jungle against the Yautja? No? Okay, then at least we can get them some prunes alongside Riggs and Murtaugh. Or we can elect them all as governors.

After the "Friends" reunion, which on-screen friends do you want to see reunited?