'Teen Wolf''s Tyler Posey And Dylan O'Brien First Bonded Over The Bathroom

The Beacon Hills favorites were pals from the very start.

Four years after auditioning for "Teen Wolf," co-stars Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey are as thick as thieves. But how did they forge such a strong bond so quickly?

Toilet talk, naturally!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the guys harkened back to the day they met as wide-eyed 18-year-olds, and though they agree the "Teen Wolf" screen test was a disaster (what happened?!), they took solace in getting to know each other all the while.

"Well, the first thing I remember about Tyler...he walked in and asked immediately where the bathroom was," Dylan recalled. "And I remember just thinking, 'Wow, he’s really comfortable. That’s so badass.'" Funny, that line usually only gets us dirty looks at parties...

And Tyler, who'd already been working in Hollywood for more than a decade, said he remembers Dylan being a refreshing departure from the typical industry kid.

"At this point, I [had been] acting for, like, 12 years, and I never really liked going to auditions because the kids were lame," he said. "When I saw Dylan, he had on a DVS shirt, which is a skateboard company, and I grew up skateboarding. I immediately thought, 'Okay, this dude seems cool.'"

Throw in some talk about bands, shows and voila! Beacon Hills' most notable bromance was a done deal.

Check out the full interview for more on the guys' comedy projects and experiences with rabid fans, and be sure to catch a new "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!

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