Watch This Amazing Kid Bemoan His Mom's New Pregnancy

'AND buy me some earplugs!'

You know what's the worst? Like the absolute worst?? When you already have a baby sister and your mom announces that she is, drumroll please, pregnant again. One mom apparently knew that her son was going to have a somewhat averse reaction to the news of his new sibling, so she filmed the whole thing.

This is pure comedic gold, people. Get this kid a stage ASAP. Let's begin with the news straight out: she's pregnant

Awww! What were you thinking??

He can't understand why his mom had to "go and get another baby" because she already has two. Valid point, three's company right?

This is exasperating!

Little kids using big words—flawlessly at that!—never gets old.

But why is it so exasperating? Because with another kid in the mix, he's afraid that the new baby will come between him and his baby sister.

What does she think about all this anyway?

Honestly, she looks pretty stoked... must be because she doesn't realize how annoying her crying is. Which leads us to the next question—is it a boy or a girl on the way? Because according to this kid, boy crying is far worse than girl crying.

A response to the future crying of his unborn sibling

But it looks like there's nothing he can do to stop the coming tragedy at this point. So, final thoughts on the situation?

Buy me some earplugs

Resigned, yet firm.

Watch the full hilarious video below.