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Justin Bieber Is In Full-Grown Man Mode On These Two New Khalil Songs: Listen

Call him Bizzle, though.

Justin Bieber is back.

Not that he ever really left. We follow his exploits closely, of course -- whether it's his selfie with Selena Gomez or his run-ins with the paparazzi.

But on Thursday (August 28), we got new music from the singer for the first time in quite some time. The Biebs -- or, in this case, Bizzle -- appears on two songs on a new mixtape from Khalil, A Long Story Short.

Like we heard on his December release Journals, Bieber is in full-on sensual, grown man R&B form here, leaving his days of bubble gum pop in the past. "Time For Bed" finds Khalil and JB singing over a gentle, smooth DJ Mustard-produced beat -- far removed sonically from club smashes like "2 On" and "Show Me" on the producer's resume.

We only get 16 seconds of Bieber before the 1 minute 43 second song fades out, but later on the 10-track effort, Bizzle pops up again. And for "Playtime," he plays a more prominent role.

Earlier this year, the singer posted a video of a DJ Mustard-produced song on Instagram, but that's not the one included on today's release. No timetable for when that'll drop, either, but it sounds like a return to the up-tempo and club-ready Mustard we've grown accustomed to.

And there may be plenty more from the two on the way.

Back in March, Mustard told MTV News he wants to play a heavy role in the 20-year-old's new music. “I think Justin Bieber should let me executive produce his album,” he said. “I wouldn’t really even know what to expect, but I just know the sound that we create would be crazy. You remember when Justin Timberlake and Timbaland got together? Similar to that. I’m not trying to compare us or nothing like that, but it could be similar to that.”

You can download Khalil's full project over at