This Guy Made An Iron Man Costume With A 3D Printer

Your move, JARVIS.

Have you ever wanted to wear a super realistic Iron Man costume, but you only had, say, one or two thousand dollars to spend instead of however many billions it costs to create the real thing? (And of course, you would never sink as low as to purchase some cheap cotton-poly version from Super Costumes. Never.)

Well, reddit user transcoder (via his buddy captain8ball) had the same problem when he was faced with attending Atlanta's Dragon Con in a sub par cosplay, so he created his own -- using a 3D printer. According to 8ball, it took "months" for transcoder to create the costume, but it was done on a small printer, so if you have the greenbacks to spare, this look could be yours:


Pretty. Darn. Good. (Heart shrapnel not included.)