'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Kailyn Appreciates Her Mother's Helping Hand

While Kail's husband was away, Suzi paid an invaluable visit to her daughter.

Kailyn had her hands full taking care of her two young children alone while her better half Javi was away for month-long job training with the Air Force. Fortunately, during the past few episodes of "Teen Mom 2," her mother Suzi visited and helped care for Isaac and Lincoln.

In the bonus scene below, the duo reflect on their time together before Suzi heads home, and Kail tells her mother that she's much appreciated.

"I'm gonna be sad when you leave cause I don't like to be here by myself," Kail admits after her mother helps tuck in Isaac and offers to clean up the house. "And you're helping me out with the boys and stuff. Like, I had my hands free for a little while. I had my hands to do whatever I needed to do, without a baby in my arms. You've been a big help."

Suzi responds that she was happy to be able to be with her grandkids. "I'll definitely come back if you want me to," she says.

The offer is well-received. "That would be great," Kail replies.

Watch the entire candid conversation, and be sure to watch a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesday at 10/9c.