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Zola Jesus' 'Dangerous Days' Video Is So Overwhelming

This stunning clip raises so many questions. Watch it below.

Wanna feel cosmically small? Watch Zola Jesus' new video for "Dangerous Days." The Tim Saccenti-directed clip finds the singer, real name Nika Danilova, enmeshing herself within the lush flora of Washington's Hoh Rainforest. According to a statement on Pitchfork, the 25-year-old artist and her team wanted to "let the images of the Earth...wash over the viewer while Nika communicates her powerful message."

Well, consider me overwhelmed.

What is this "powerful message"? Danilova told Vogue.com that she's exploring "man's perceived position in nature and how we interact with it, how we feel alienated." The site also notes that the wool cape she's wearing was once worn by famed performance artist Marina Abramovic, so that's pretty overwhelming, too.

Look for Zola Jesus' fifth studio album, Taiga, when it drops on October 7.