The Original Voice Of Mario And Luigi Still Plays Them On Instagram

The Super Mario Bros. (and Wario!) are back in a bunch of 15-second adventures.

You may not be familiar with Charles Martinet's name, but you definitely know his voice. He's the man behind some of your favorite old-school video game characters -- including Mario, Luigi and Wario -- and he's blessed us all with an Instagram of their further journeys. Not quite licensed by Nintendo, but official enough for us!

Martinet, 58, just joined Instagram a couple weeks ago, but he already boasts almost 20,000 followers. That's because the Mario-themed account is made up almost entirely of videos in which he plays around with toy figurines and brings them on silly adventures, all while doing his signature voices. Recently, he brought the Mario fam to Chile, where they've been meeting llamas and chowing down on spicy noms. All we need now is for Waluigi to make some cameos (Martinet voices him as well!).

Check out some of Martinet's best sketches below:

Mario and Luigi meet a deer

"Mario, that's a cow." "No, it's a bambi."

Wario attempts a joke


Mario and Luigi get juggled

Mama mia, indeed.

Mario and Luigi meet a llama

"Is your mama a llama?"

They tell super cheesy jokes

Wario is not impressed.

The gang meets some leafcutter ants

Why does Luigi think every animal is a cow?

Mario and Luigi eat picoroco

Martinet also shared a ton of footage from Festigame, a huge video game festival in Chile, where he entertained his legions of fans, like this kid:

It's official...this guy is the coolest! Tell us: Which video is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!