Did This UFC Fighter Go Too Far With His Tiger Selfie?

For reasons known only to him, Luke Rockhold held a tiger's rocks on Instagram.

We’ve told you about how New York recently banned tiger selfies, a strange viral trend that's all too common on apps like Tinder. Even though animal rights activists have criticized the pics, apparently some guys still think they’re a cool idea -- including UFC fighter Luke Rockhold, who recently took them to a bizarre new extreme.

The middleweight contender and former Strikeforce champion didn’t just pose next to a giant jungle cat and call it a day -- he got WAY up close and personal. Rockhold was reportedly at a zoo in Thailand when he posed for this pic of him cupping a tiger by the balls, captioning the photo, “Who’s your daddy.”

Naturally, a ton of people went off on him in the comments for going too far. Rockhold quickly tweeted out an apology, saying, “For those of u who think it was disrespectful I’m sorry. Was so minor just joking around. I was way too scared and would never do anything harmful to any animal.”

He also followed up with an Instagram video that shows how the whole incident happened:

It looks like he maybe didn’t actually mean to grab the tiger’s bits in the first place. But still, we hope he realizes it was a weird thing to post...and it definitely won’t help him land any girls on Tinder, if that’s what he was planning. Although posing with an aww-dorable little cub might: