Happy Birthday, Liam Payne! Here Are 21 Ways You're Still Young At Heart


If it weren't for your Britishness, I'd say that Friday (August 29) is a big milestone for you, Liam Payne. Today, you're turning 21 -- an adult by American standards because now you can legally drink alcohol in the States.

Since you and your One Direction bandmates spend a lot of time in the U.S., let's celebrate this milestone with your most playful moments.

Now, I could show you a picture of younger Liam with boyish grin:

But he's different now. He chopped off his hair two years ago! He poses in GQ! He shows off his abs! He wears flannel!

Perhaps we can find a happy medium -- mature Liam acting like a kid. After all, we're all kids at heart, and who doesn't like a guy with a sense of humor?

1. Only Directioners can appreciate this.

2. You still pick your nose. That's rad. We all do.


3. It's always fun to play dress-up.

4. Did I get chocolate on my shirt? Whatever! Hi, mom!

5. Weird.

6. This Knicks game may be serious, but you find a way to lighten the mood.

7. Are you burping here? Ex-squeeze you.

8. And now you have a cape on, pretending to be Batman. Good.

9. You're such a goof.


10. Where'd you learn that move?

11. Liam, I think you're supposed to be classy at award shows.


12. Tickle, tickle.

13. Sillyhead.

14. Sometimes you like to trick us with your pantsless ways.

15. Never hurts to have fun on a red carpet. Pose wacky.

16. He'll never notice.

17. Hey, mom, look at my macho-man muscles!

18. When all else fails, point and laugh at everyone else.

19. Ahh! Was that a bee?

20. OK, calm down, boys.

21. So charitable, sexy... and playful!

Happy birthday!

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