The Story Behind Sam Smith And Kim Kardashian's Friendship

Here's how they became besties.

Sam Smith has been busy breaking hearts all over the world with his debut album In The Lonely Hour that came out this past May. And of course us normal people are obsessed, but he's been winning over plenty of celebrity fans too. After a serendipitous run-in on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, he can now count Kim Kardashian as his friend.

A couple weeks ago, Sam was slated to be the musical performer on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on the same night that Kim appeared as the celebrity guest. Kim and Sam were mutually stoked to meet one another and both parties Instagrammed the moment, equally obsessed.

After that encounter, Kim called Sam her friend when she was presenting the nominees for the Artist to Watch category at the VMAs this year. Then the two took some more Instas together—this time Kylie and Kendall were there too.

So what happened when they met?

"She’s beautiful. Meeting her was the best thing ever," Sam told British paper The Metro in a recent interview, adding, "She smells like vanilla."

Well, that explains our long-standing questions about what Kim smells like! Thanks for that, Sam. Just think, Kim could playing his album for Kanye and Nori right now! Sam Smith's voice with a Kanye beat, now that's a meeting that would bless all of us.