Lea Michele AKA Rachel Berry Will Return To 'Glee' Club In The Show's Final Season

Aww, but only because she failed as a TV star.

It's a bittersweet time for fans of "Glee" and Gleeks everywhere. The Fox dramedy will end its six-season run with the final 13 episodes slated to air midseason. That's the bitter, but the sweet is that "Glee" is returning home, back to where we fell in love with it, and guess who will be leading the Glee club at McKinley? Rachel Berry no doubt!


Entertainment Weekly reports that after Lea Michele's character fails to become a TV actress, Rachel Berry will return to Lima in a bid to figure out what to do with her life. Once she discovers that Sue (Jane Lynch) banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel will make it her goal to reinstate the club, which she'll now lead.


So what does this mean for Matthew Morrison's Mr. Schue? What does this mean for everyone? If Rachel is anything, it's a born leader, and if anyone can get the arts club reinstated, we can all feel safe knowing Rachel Berry is on it!