Soon We'll Get To See Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Make Out Again In 'Serena'

For now, see her ride a horse.

You have a working heart, so of course you're super obsessed with "Silver Linings Playbook" and will ship Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence's characters until the cows come home. Of course. So what if we told you that Lawrence and Cooper had fallen in love on camera again?

Well, we are telling you that. And it's real. And there are pictures.

In March 2012, ASLP ("After Silver Linings Playbook," for the less savvy), Lawrence and Cooper shot "Serena" in the Czech Republic under director Susanne Bier. Based on the Ron Rash novel of the same name, Lawrence plays a Southern belle, Serena, in '20s North Carolina, and her husband, played by Cooper, is a timber magnate. When Lawrence's character is unable to get pregnant, she begins a downward spiral.

Though there isn't yet a U.S. release date, the film hits U.K. theaters on October 24. A release here can't be too far off.

Check out the very first pic of Lawrence in the movie, debuted today by