Is Marjorie Keeping Herself In 'Virgin Territory' By Hiding Her Emotions?

It looks like the Florida student is a little more into her friend Hiago than she was willing to admit...

For Marjorie, an 18-year-old student from Florida, the whats, whens, wheres and whys of eventually losing her virginity are clear. As for the whos, well, that's not so cut and dry.

The spunky beach-lover and party animal made her debut on tonight's "Virgin Territory" episode and shared that since her first love broke her heart, she's had her defenses up. Talking to guys was no trouble for her and the prospect of sex wasn't scary; she just had little faith that there was someone out there who wouldn't screw her over after the deed was done.

Still, there's one guy who has stuck with Marjorie through thick and thin: her friend Hiago. Marjorie admitted the two had shared a flirty past and that she once came very close to having sex with Hiago, but she said their shared Type A personalities didn't always live in harmony and that lately, she'd been put off by his conceit.

Though Marjorie insisted her feelings for Hiago were gone for good, her friends and family all noticed the glint in her eye each time his name came up. To put the issue to rest, Marjorie decided to talk things through with Hiago and find out once and for all if they had any real potential as a couple.

When the time came to get real, Marjorie — who was finally open to the idea of pursuing a romance with Hiago — got the impression that he wasn’t interested, and she shut down. It was clear she'd planned to have a more exploratory conversation, but when the threat of hurt and rejection manifested, she seized up, hid her emotions and put up her guard once more.

Ultimately, Marjorie and Hiago decided to remain friends, but the former was bummed out by her lost prospect. Is it possible that she could have salvaged a potential relationship with Hiago if she'd been more forthcoming and honest? How can she change her habit of suppressing her genuine feelings? Sound off in the comments!