Did Tony Die On 'The Sopranos' Finale? We Finally Got Our Answer

Are you happy now?

TV showrunners who have gone for ambiguous endings aren't always met with thunderous applause -- talk to Damon Lindelof from "Lost," he'll tell you all about it -- and no TV ending in recent history seems to be as divisive as the finale of "The Sopranos." But now, more than seven years after the finale's 2007 airdate, the show's creator David Chase is finally here to answer the question on everyone's mind:


There. Are you happy now, kids? The antihero who spawned later creations like Don Draper and Walter White did not die in a New Jersey diner while "Don't Stop Believin" played in the background. He might still be alive today, (though of course we know that the actor who played him, James Gandolfini, tragically is not) staring at ducks and sometimes even killing people.

The answer to this would-be eternal "Is he dead?" question came at the request of Vox writer Martha P. Nochimson, who has known Chase for years, but was still met with some hostility when she asked the Big Question. Still, the fact remains that Chase answered it.

"Just the fact and no interpretation," Nochimson wrote. "He shook his head 'no.' And he said simply, 'No he isn't.'"