'Orange Is The New Black' Star Laverne Cox Spills The Beans On Season 3

More darkness to come...

The great and terrible thing about "Orange is the New Black" is that you can watch it all at once. Meaning, even if you press play on episode one on July 10 and say you'll space out the 13 episodes over the course of 13 weeks, you'll almost certainly be done by July 16 at the latest.

Luckily, actress Laverne Cox, who plays the trans inmate Sophia Burset on the show, is here to reassure us that season three is already almost in the bag.

"We started shooting season three the first week of June," Cox told MTV News at the Video Music Awards on Sunday. "We should be done around the end of this year. It's amazing."

"I think more of [what we saw in season two], but what our show does so well is has a balance between the very serious and the comedic. If you just exist in tragedy all the time, it's not so fun. I think human beings, to deal with a lot of tragedy, find ways to laugh about it. Find ways to be irreverent and keep their humanity in the face of really inhumane circumstances."

Find out what else Cox had to say -- including her thoughts on her upcoming projects -- in the video, and be sure to watch season three of "Orange is the New Black" in 2015.