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Ariana Grande Admits She’s Just Like A 14-Year Old Boy

Ariana reveals to Time magazine that she's got a dirty mouth, and a Starbucks grande isn't always what she orders.

Arianators may think they know everything about their favorite pint-sized diva, Ariana Grande, but there are some things that may still surprise them.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards performer and winner for Best Pop Video just dropped her sophomore album, My Everything, and recently sat down with Time magazine to give answers to some of our burning questions. Does she order a Grande at Starbucks? What is her go-to emoji? Find out below!

A Grande for Grande?

No, Ariana doesn't always get a grande at Starbucks. There are occasions where she throws in a venti order because "some day's that's what you need in your life."

Unfortunately, she didn't reveal the craziest name she has been given on her Starbucks cup, but in case you ever find yourself fetching a coffee for Ariana, here is her order: "I love soy lattes. Obviously I don’t have dairy because I’m a vegan, but they taste out of this world to me."

Her Go-To Emjoi: A Severed Head Brunette

Sure, it sounds kind of dark, but she has a totally logical explanation behind it.

"There’s a brunette, severed head with the driest expression of all time on her face, and I really like that one. I feel like I relate to it," she said.

The singer goes on to explain that after she uses the brunette, she adds the bubble emoji, followed by the boy so it's "girl-thinking-of-boy." Girl seriously puts a lot of thoughts into her use of emjois, and I love it.

Bust A Move

Ariana has been showing off her dance moves in her recent performances, but when she hits the club, you better watch out -- you may just get kicked because there is "a lot of sitting down and leg-kicking and voguing and posing and hair flipping involved."

Humor Of A Teenage Boy

If you're a 14-year-old boy and love the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", then you're in luck because you and Ariana are basically the same person.

"I have the sense of humor of a 14-year-old boy. It’s very crude. When I was 7 years old, my mom took me to see Rocky Horror. That’s just how my family is. We’re just this Italian family that loves slightly raunchy humor."

Total '90s Chick

Ariana definitely takes a page out of the '90s on her albums, and that's not by accident. She admits she was "obsessed with Missy Elliot, TLC and Eminiem" and loved Nickelodeon because it had the "best shows." And yes, she was born in 1993, but remembers all of the '90s because she "wasn't dead."

She's Got A Dirty Mouth

Sure, she is sweet and innocent, but that doesn't mean she doesn't drop an F-bomb every now and then, and she's not sure why people are so shocked by it, she is Italian after all.

"I guess it’s because of the character I played so long being such a goody two-shoes, she said. "But I also think that people have a misrepresentation of me as a person because I’m friendly and I like to meet people and I like to talk to people and make people laugh."