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'Awkward''s Molly Tarlov Spayed Her Dog On National Dog Day

After hearing about this, we can only imagine what she has in store for Christmas...

If you like vandalizing nativity scenes on Christmas Eve or getting invasive angioplasty on Valentine's Day, you're going to love how Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" celebrated National Dog Appreciation Day (August 26, for those of you with holes in your calendar). She spayed her Goldendoodle, of course!

Fun and reasonable!

Molly Tarlov's Instagram

In an act perfectly befitting of the incredibly cold Sadie Saxton, Molly took her beloved pup Franny to the vet yesterday; the dog was sterilized and then outfitted with a giant plastic cone. "I'm sorry I got you spayed on National Dog Day, Franny," Molly tweeted in the aftermath of the butchery. Words are empty -- SAY IT WITH MILK BONES.

Retribution for denying Molly a kiss? Likely. Hell of a way to level the playing field, Tarlov. You's cold.

Send Franny your best (and a Beggin' Strip?).