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'Pretty Little Liars': 5 Burning Questions From That Fatal Finale

Everything the Fatal Finale 'forgot' to tell us.

Well, they did it. "Pretty Little Liars" went ahead and killed the one person I specifically asked them not to kill during their FAtal Finale, which was actually titled "Taking This One to the Grave." [Major spoilers ahead!]

So, yes, Mona Vanderwaal, the girl-next-door formerly known as the emotional terrorist A, was murdered by the REAL A right after she got into a whole bunch of ivy league schools. (We call this "Gwen Stacy-ing.") I'm devastated by her death because Janel Parrish was, without a doubt, one of the consistently most intriguing and entertaining actors on the show, but I'm also left with about a zillion questions now that she's gone.

Let's go over them together, shall we?

1. Who killed Mona?

Obviously, we are 100 percent being led to believe that it was Alison who slashed Mona to bits then removed her body and replaced the town's Nativity Jesus with a lookalike Mona doll. (NOT CREEPY AT ALL, by the way.) But being that there are still three years left on this show and that nothing ever comes easy, there is a very good chance that one of Rosewood's many high-quality costume shops provided the Alison wig that the killer used, just to trick us. They're mean like that.

Could an even bigger main liar than Alison have done the deed?! A secret DiLaurentis sibling? A Liar boyfriend in drag? Sky's the limit here, people.

2. What did Mona know?

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Okay, so now all of the Liars know that Bethany and Alison were connected. But Mona clearly knew something even more condemning, or else she wouldn't have caused that emergency meeting at her house. Could Bethany and Alison have been half siblings -- was Bethany's dad also Ali's dad? Could that have made Alison jealous enough to set Bethany up to be buried alive? I must know and I must know NOW!

3. What's Alison going to do with her "army"?

Clearly, things will not be the same once we're back this season. The Liars are firmly anti-Alison, and for very good reason. She's building an army of "losers" to do her bidding, but what sort of bidding will it be? Is Alison going to go full-villain now? And if so, is it bad that I sort of like that idea? Do you worst, Ali!

4. Will Spencer tell on Melissa?

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Spencer, she of infinite brains and wisdom, is now in prison for a murder that she not only did not commit, but a murder that she knows was committed by her sister (and was set up by Alison). Will she spend the rest of the season rotting away in prison, while the rest of the Liars try to find enough anti-Ali evidence to bail her out? OR, will she tell the truth about her sister Melissa, who was also extremely responsible for Bethany's murder?

5. Who else did Mrs. D have an affair with?

So far, we have two culprits -- and the more, ahem, extramarital activities we have for the DiLaurentis folks, the more potential evil DiLaurentis siblings there might be running around. I'm still one of those people who 100 percent believes in a third DiLaurentis kid that may or may not be A, so I'm definitely curious about the Ali-Bethany connection, and even more curious to see if there are any more we don't know about.

What did you think of the episode, Liars? What burning questions do you have? Any theories on Mona's killer?