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17 Dogs That Should Have Been In Rock Bands

Bark on!

We already dress up dogs in tights, so why not continue this strange obsession of personifying our pups by making them rock stars?

#DogBands trended on Twitter Wednesday (August 27), and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give our pooches guitar-hero status. Forget Daryl Hall, we want Howl & Oates!

1. Howl & Oates

2. The Beagles

3. The Scooby Doobie Doo Brothers

4. Nicklebark

5. Tina Turner and Hooch

6. Bob Marley and Me

7. Rage Against the Maltese

8. Lick

9. The Notorious P.U.G.

10. Insane Clown Puppies

11. Bone Pugs N Harmony

12. Kanye West Highland Terrier

13. Tom Petme

14. Creedence Clearwater Refillable Dog Bowl

15. Carlos Santana's Little Helper

16. Fido

17. Sonny & Shar Pei