Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Joe Budden Insists That He Isn’t On The Run From Police

'It's been a frenzy,' says the rapper.

Joe Budden has a message for the NYPD and anyone else that believes he’s a wanted man: Guys with pink shirts can't be on the run.

Despite this weekend's tweet from New York City’s finest marking Budden as a wanted man, NBC’s Channel 4 News had no problems catching up to the Slaughterhouse MC in front of his New Jersey home.

"You guys found me rather easily," Joey told the reporter on the scene. "And I'm wearing pink! Who runs wearing pink? I'm not on the run."

Budden says he turned himself into New Jersey authorities for the domestic violence allegations brought against him last week and was released. He offered to do the same in New York, where he’s wanted on a charge of robbery for allegedly forcibly taking his girlfriend’s cellphone and twisting her arm.

“I'm fully cooperative with everything that's happening in New Jersey,” Budden said. “I've turned myself in, I’ve been released, my lawyers are handling everything else. Whatever needs to be done to rectify the situation, I'm more than willing to comply with.”