Malia Pulls Off Double Denim Perfectly On Last Night’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Wow—for a coyote-turned-human who spent the majority of her life living in a den, Malia Hale’s style is pretty enviable, IMHO. When season four of Teen Wolf kicked off, we got the wardrobe deets from Barbara Vazquez, the show’s costume designer, who described Malia’s style as “thrown together,” instead of put together. Barbara promised an eventual style evolution, and based on the double denim look Malia pulled off last night, I’d say we’re beginning to witness it.


I was immediately into Malia’s look thanks to this polka-dot chambray shirt. Layering a collared shirt over another shirt is such a Stiles move (See what I mean? The wardrobe department is SO into #Stalia) and, generally, it’s a combo Malia pulls off excellently.


Later, when she and Stiles were reconciled (YAY) and, um, solving the death pool, Malia stood up to reveal the shirt wasn’t the only denim in her outfit—she had on JORTS. Jorts that look like they were shredded by a werecoyote, TBH. They are very distressed. I have a feeling Malia doesn’t even realize double denim is finally acceptable once again (favorited by Nori West, so), which makes her outfit even better.

You can watch Malia and Co. finally figure out all this Benefactor biz in episode 12, which is below.

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