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Kim Kardashian Will Be On '2 Broke Girls'

Sometimes a girl just wants some cupcakes.

Kim Kardashian certainly wouldn't be described as "broke," but soon she'll be spending some time with two girls who are.

TVLine reported that Kardashian will appear as a guest star in the season four premier episode of CBS's "2 Broke Girls."

Michael Patrick King, who is the executive producer for the show, said that Kardashian will play herself, showing up at the cupcake shop owned by Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs). Knowing what kind of a boost she could give their small business, the girls are desperate for a visit from the celeb.

Don't worry, though, the show's usual snark was not sacrificed to please Kardashian.

“There are the typical '2 Broke Girls' jokes all about [the Kardashians] in the episode,” King told TVLine. “So it’s fun to see someone have a great sense of humor about herself. She read the script, she thought it was funny and she came. We could’ve [shot] the exact same [episode] without her — but she was the cherry on top."

Kardashian has already filmed her scenes.

The episode will air Monday, October 27.