Norman Wong

Lowell Just Wrote Your New LGBT Anthem

Bye, haters.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new LGBT anthem -- courtesy of Elizabeth Lowell Boland (a.k.a. Lowell). Titled "LGBT," the song -- off of her upcoming debut record, We Loved Her Dearly -- is a call for everyone to quit hating on love. All kinds of love.

Old people, young people, Lowell doesn't discriminate in her song about, well, not discriminating. In the poppy jam, she's asking us all to equate "L-G-B-T" with "L-O-V-E." Amen to that.

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Lowell is openly bisexual herself and is not one to shy away from issues that concern her -- such as feminism and the politics being a stripper (something she has done in the past) in standout track “I Love You Money,” also off of her new record.

Check out "LGBT" below and try not to cheer: