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Lil' Kim Gets Explicit With Bananas On Her 'No Flex Zone' Remix

She said what?

Last time we heard from Lil' Kim, she was dissing Nicki Minaj on a song Nicki had just remixed. On Tuesday (August 26), Kim was back with more new music -- again remixing a song Nicki just remixed. No clear disses this time, though.

But there is plenty of boasting and bragging on the "No Flex Zone" remix, whether it's about her skills on the mic ("Killing these hoes, it's a genocide") or her innovation ("I set trends/ Pull up in the 2020 Benz").

And like in the past, Kim isn't shy when it comes to sexually explicit lyrics: "I be on that new sh--, bananas in my asshole/ My man be on that zoo sh--, wanna f--k me 'til my eyes roll."

So, yeah. That's the new sh--, FYI.

Her new mixtape, Hardcore 2k14, is due out September 11.