Dreading School? Watch MisterWives' New Video ASAP

And start planning your escape.

If you're dreading going back to the hallowed halls of education this fall, take a look at MisterWives' new boarding school-themed video for "Reflections." Let's just say it will give you something to dream about in homeroom.

The video for the jangly, summery tune takes place, ironically, inside what looks to be an extremely strict boarding school, where all the kids -- a.k.a. the members of MisterWives -- are just itching to bust free. Marching bands charge through the halls, food fights break out, water balloon are tossed, and then it all culminates in one massive jailbreak, in which the kids (led by singer Mandy Lee) tie up their "Breakfast Club"-esque teacher and make a final run for it. The video is, in essence, what could only be described as every kid's fantasy.

"Reflections" is off of the band's first EP -- which bears the same name -- out last January. You can watch the video below or at misterwives.mtv.com.