‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Reunion Part 1: Joseline, Stevie J, Benzino Get Ready To Rumble!


“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fans were overwhelmingly reminded that there’s no such thing as “TMI” during the explosively ratchet part 1 of the juggernaut reality show’s reunion show Monday night.

During VH1's one-hour broadcast, all of the castmembers’ salacious secrets and misdeeds spilled out into the light.

Turns out, Erica Dixon let her daughter's father, Lil Scrappy, “go downtown”; Yung Joc explained Karlie Redd’s sexual prowess in graphic detail and, oh yeah, a fight broke out onstage. Security was on hand, but where was Michael Buffer when you needed him?

Prompted by host Sommore, who sat in for show creator and go-to moderator Mona Scott-Young, Scrappy relived his love triangle with Bambi, Erica Pinkett and, surprisingly, Dixon, his former fiancee.

Scrap admitted that he was indecisive when it came to his feelings about the Bam, citing that he was, well, ratchet.

“I’m ratchet, too,” Bambi said. “We just got a ratchet situation.”

Awww, ain’t love grand?

Things got heated when it was time for Erica P -- or “aspiring side chick” if you’re the Bam -- to chime in for the “miscarriage vs. domestic abuse” argument, but the real meat and potatoes of Scrappy’s “This Is Your Life” segment came by way of his daughter’s mother.

“We weren’t intimate; I just let him taste it,” Erica told producers backstage, clarifying her statement onstage that Scrap made a meal out of her nether region.

Momma Dee’s prince denied it all, of course, setting up the “need” for a lie detector test. Judging by the reactions on Twitter, I wasn’t the only one disappointed that Maury wasn’t on hand to read the results.

Here’s the would-be quote to insert into your very own Maury Lie Detector Meme:

“When asked if you performed oral sex on Erica Dixon, you said no, the lie detector test determined that was a lie.”

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s story line was a bit of a yawn-fest. Kirk’s season three shennanigans (read: secret DNA test, mushing his mother-in-law and hiring a sexy nanny from a bar) were bookended by the apology party and the drop-top BMW mea culpa, but there was nothing new to report except that the couple are good ... for now.

Joc revealed that he decided to end things with Karlie Redd because she was physically abusive. After he admonished Sommore for announcing surprise guest Khadiyah as a "side chick," the former Bad Boy rapper proceeded to act out the fight he had with his ex that led to his broken finger.

“Then we had sex,” Karlie added.

Well, that’s one way to numb the pain.

Finally, during the break, tensions hit a boiling point between Steebie and Joseline and Benzino and Althea. Their feud had been brewing since last week's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season finale.

“I don’t fu-k with Stevie,” 'Zino said at the top of the show. “Stevie ain’t loyal.”

When Stevie complained about it being hot on set, Benzino lobbed his first verbal grenade his former pal’s way, saying to fiancee Althea that it was because of the cocaine Stevie J was using.

Some moments later, 'Zino made eye contact with Stevie and his Puerto Rican Princess, who were all puffed up from across the room. This prompted Benzino to say that they shouldn’t “do this” with security in the house.

Not wanting to wait, though, the Jordans ran up on Benzino and Thi Thi before Scott-Young hit us with the “to be continued.”

In a set-up for the next round, viewers got bits and pieces of the melee, and from the looks of it, Mimi Faust was pulled into the brawl.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion Show, Part 2, airs Monday, September 1, on VH1.