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New 'Interstellar' Trailer: Where There's A Hathawill There's A Hathaway

Ahhhhhhh! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

The more we see of Christopher Nolan's upcoming epic, intergalactic thriller "Interstellar," the more excited we get for what's sure to be a heart-wrenching exposé on the strength of the human spirit, against all odds, to persevere. Even if that means traveling through time and space.

This trailer has everything: Michael Caine reciting Dylan Thomas, crying gingers, sobbing McConaugheys and a very determined-but-frightened Anne Hathaway.

Get ready for actual, literal chills you guys. This one is surely going to be good one. Right? Like, it has to be. It just has to be.

"Interstellar" lands in theaters on November 7, 2014.