Man Sets Himself On Fire Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge, Defying Science

We don't condone literally anything involved in this video.

Oh, America: you infinitely complex and varied beast full of brilliants and personified bratwursts aplenty. Like this man and his Ice Bucket Challenge, which somehow resulted in him getting set on fire (don't worry, he's fine).

There are so many things wrong with this. Which should go without saying but just in case, let's list 'em! (Everybody likes lists, after all, right?):

- He's got a confederate flag

- ...AND a swingin' American flag vest

- He took a swig of booze and then SPIT IT OUT

- Right before he lit his head on FIRE


- He calls himself a rebel

- He thinks all of this is HILARIOUS

- And just in case you missed it, let us again call attention to the CONFEDERATE FLAG.

Needless to say we don't condone anything this man does, says, or holds in this video.