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21 Secrets Of The 2014 VMAs Revealed

Go behind the scenes with Beyonce, Sam Smith, Nicki Minaj and more.

You may have seen the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (a few times). You may have even seen our top five backstage moments. But there's still even more you don't know about the biggest night in music. It was just too massive!

No worries, though! MTV has the super secret behind-the-scenes scoop on the VMAs, and we've compiled 21 must-know facts about 2014's show below. Impress your friends with fancy tidbits including why Beyoncé created a replica of her VMA set at a separate studio. Read on for more!

1. Beyoncé decided during rehearsal to use a treadmill for the intro to '***Flawless'

2. Victor Jackson, who choreographed Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's 'Black Widow' performance, told MTV News that he used 18 ballerinas, a full string section and a band to round out the spectacle

3. Iggy and Rita's costumes were done by Marco Marco, who has done wardrobe for Iggy before

4. Iggy's stylist got them all matching 'Black Widow' track jackets to unite them

5. According to Heather Zweigel, head of VMA wardrobe, Bey had at least 50 dancers -- some of them with three costume changes

6. Bey's performance outfit was made by Tom Ford

7. 5SOS' 'Amnesia' performance was based on the video for the song -- it was also supposed to have a kind of DIY vibe, like playing in a garage

8. Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' performance was inspired by the space-tastic video

9. The pod Grande emerged from was decorated with Ariana's Kabbalah symbol and the numbers that spell her name on a telephone keypad

10. Ariana's pod took a week to build and weighs 1,000 lbs

11. Demi Lovato was pretty sweaty at the VMAs

12. Miley Cyrus credits last year's VMAs with giving her the opportunity to promote her new anti-homelessness effort

13. VMA wardrobe scuffs and tacks talents' shoes to make sure they don't fall

14. For Usher's fire-filled performance, the safety distance from the pyrotechnics to the audience was 15 feet

15. The C02 jets used during Usher's performance were as cold as a fire extinguisher

16. Beyoncé created a replica of her VMA set at a separate studio so that she could rehearse 24/7

17. Sam Smith made sure he wouldn't have to look at Bey during his performance -- because he was worried he would cry.

18. Iggy had previously told J. Lo she was afraid of falling off the stage. She's psychic!

19. All the plants used in Nicki's 'Anaconda' performance were real -- all 200 of them. But was anyone looking at the plants, really?

20. Charli XCX's VMA look was inspired by the movie 'Jawbreaker.'

21. Nicki's dancers included Remi Bakkar, who toured with P!nk, and Kyle Deschamps, who did stunts for 'The Dark Knight Rises.'