23 A-MAZE-ing GIFs Of Dylan O'Brien For His 23rd Birthday

23 GIFs for 23 years of awesome.

Happy 23rd birthday, Dylan O'Brien!

It's hard to think of an adequate gift for someone who is already starring on "Teen Wolf" week after week -- someone who will also make his bigscreen blockbuster debut in "The Maze Runner" in September -- so instead of getting Dylan, say, another pillow, we did what we assume the man himself would want and got a little something for his fans instead... a list of his most a-MAZE-ing moments! (See what we did, there?)

1. Meet Dylan O'Brien.


2. You're going to love him!

3. He's smart.

4. (Really smart.)

5. And not afraid to show a little emotion.

6. (Within reason, of course.)

7. He's sarcastic without being rude.

8. (Most of the time.)


9. He stands up for the ones he loves.

10. Then cuddles with them once they're out of harms way.

11. Heck, he'll even take a swing for his loved ones if he has to.


12. He has a beautiful smile.

13. And, um, other nice things.

14. He knows how to brush your hair out of your eyes, just like so.

15. He seems to be pretty solid at this part as well.

16. When he gets dropped off in dystopian mazes, he's always the first to volunteer.

17. Even if it's confusing.

18. He's managed to create the perfect bromance with Tyler Posey.

19. Which might not be as easy as it looks.

20. Except for when it is?

21. Anyway, let's switch Tylers for a quick sec.

22. Because the beauty of his bromance with Hoechlin is mesmerizing.

23. And they both know it!

Happy birthday, Dylan!