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VMA Cheerleader Britney Spears Applauds Miley's Fight Against Homelessness

Britney 'can't stop' gushing about VMA winners.

Meet Miss Britney Spears, unofficial cheerleader for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. First, Brit showed her appreciation for Katy Perry's all-denim dress homage, now she's throwing shine Miley Cyrus' way for her charitable acceptance speech. Someone dig up this lady's pom-poms -- they're probably still in the attic somewhere.

Spears took to Twitter Monday to show her support for Miley's new endeavor with the below tweet:

If you've been dozing under a stone since Sunday, when Miley won the Video of the Year award for "Wrecking Ball," instead of accepting the award herself, she sent a formerly homeless man named Jesse to take the trophy from Jimmy Fallon -- and promote Miley's new effort to raise money for an L.A. homeless shelter.

Miley, for her part, cried silently in the audience, a show of emotion and support that made Miss Spears clap with glee. At least via emoji. Relive the moment below -- or just re-watch the whole show here.