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Lorde Wins Zero VMAs For Her Nick Jonas Comedy Routine

Better luck next year, Ella.

Nick Jonas had quite the night at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, and I'm not just referring to the award-worthy selfie he took with Demi Lovato and his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. The onetime member of the Jonas Brothers also got to meet Lorde, at whom he later tweeted his congratulations for her Best Rock Video VMA win.

The "Royals" singer took this opportunity to flex her comedy muscles, but I feel like she probably should have warmed up with some comedy bench-presses first. Or maybe some comedy squats. Like, even just a leisurely 0.5-mph spin on the reclining bike with the TV hookup. #NoJudgmentZone

OK, Lorde, you got this.


Now set up the joke.

Hold for laughs...


Keep holding...


No, don't explain the joke. WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

It's OK. Wanna hang out and workshop your routine?


That's cool.

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