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Amber Portwood Says New Tell-All Will Give 'Strength And Determination' To Others

The 'Teen Mom' cast member spoke to MTV News about her brutally honest book, 'Never Too Late.'

Amber Portwood's tell-all tome "Never Too Late" leaves no stone unturned about her past -- including what really happened during "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom," her struggles with drug addiction and her 17-month stay behind bars.

In an interview with MTV News, the 24-year-old opens up about the memoir -- which is on sale today via Amazon -- and reveals why she decided to recount her troubling experiences.

"I had been thinking about writing a book since my stay in prison," Amber says. "I felt it was time when I got out to actually do it. I think my book is able to give strength and determination to those who are struggling."

And while it was a challenge for Amber to pen the sometimes-brutal details, the young mom says it was an important step in making a personal connection with fans -- and hopefully provide encouragement to them.

"I want people to read my book with an open mind," she says. "I also hope my story can reach and help many people."

Her book already has one very enthusiastic cheerleader: her five-year-old daughter Leah.

"She thinks it's neat," Amber gushes about her mini-me. "She said, 'I'm in a story like the books I read!' She's adorable."

Head over to Amazon to get a copy of "Never Too Late," and stay tuned to MTV News for more updates on the return of Amber and Leah!